Classic cars, scooters, motorcycles or automobilia from my collection for sale and looking for.

One could say I am a collector/lover of vintage stuff. In particular items related to transportation, like old vehicles or petrol-oil items.

My love goes especially to vintage scooters, as you would have guessed after seeing this website, or petroliana.

If I had the space and the money I would become a hoarder I think, but unfortunately I have to sell sometimes, to be able to purchase something even more beautiful...

So, on this page you will find some items for sale and other things I'm looking for...

I am always looking for interesting vintage scooters/motorcycles and related items to increase my collection, such as parts, scooter-motobilia or petroliana

Please, also make a special notice of my request for the Bitri-Register, that I tend to keep.

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FOR SALE: I am often selling classic vehicles and related articles on Marktplaats. Click on the Marktplaats-logo to have a look.

I am looking for information about Bitri, the Dutch scooterbrand from the fifties/sixties. Also, if you have a Bitri, or know of any, I am very interested in information about the bike to ad it to the Register, in an attempt to find all the remaining survivors of this brand.

I am always on the look-out for interesting old scooters, scooterparts and related parafinallia. So, contact me if you have an old scooter or scooterparts in your shed, which you want to sell...Who knows what will happen...

Besides enthousiast for scooters, I am also a enthousiast for petroliana. That is to say, items related to oil and petrolbrands, such as BP, Shell, Castrol etc. So if you have anything of that kind that you don't use anymore and want to get rid off for free or for little money, you can contact me.