A short introduction:
My name is Freddy, born and raised in the beautiful town of Leeuwarden (northern Netherlands), where I still live together with my wife and children. I try as much as possible to enjoy life and therefore have broad interests and many hobbies . For instance I love to camp with our 1985 Volkswagen T25/T3 van, really love doing things with my family, enjoy music, do scalemodelling, read a lot, find technology interesting, like to travel, go for a spin on my motorbike, enjoy my whisky, sometimes I see a movie, I love to walk on the beach, enjoy good foods and drinks, etcetera, etcetera. In short, I love the things that make life pleasant!

Yet there is a hobby that sticks out above the rest (except for my family ofcourse ...) and that is oldtimers, especially vintage scooters (but also motorbikes and cars). You might say that I am a small collector of everything connected to vintage transportion, scooters, motorbikes, cars but also smaller items like oilcans, old garagedisplays, enamal signs etcetera.

My love for scooters from the 50's and 60's comes because they are such a fine example of that era... When you see a twotone NSU Prima D, you can almost smell the brillantine or oldspice, see the petticoats and hear Elvis from the jukebox. It was the first motorised way of transport many people could afford, after beeing outgrown the moped. Cars were still to expensive for the majority and looking for some means of transportation with some protection against the weather, many bought themselves a scooter.
Scooters were important for daily life in the fifties, and many people even enjoyed their Vespas, Lambrettas, Heinkels, NSUs for a short holiday abroad in the two weeks summerbreak from work.

How did the (vintage) motorcyclebug got me?:
The man you see on the photo above is my grandfather, with one of his daughters (my aunt) on the backseat.
Motorcycling was a big hobby of his, although in those days it was mainly a matter of transportation and exclusively for the wealthy few. The photo was made around 1920 and I found out that this motorbike was his in the early 20-ies. The motorcycle is a two cylinder 616 cc Wanderer, which produces 4.5 hp (!). Because of Its low weight of 125 kilograms, this model achieved a top speed of 90 km/h.
My grandfather died relatively young and the saying in our family is that it was indirectly caused by motorcycling. Due to the poor suspension on these bikes and the poor state of roads in those days, he died of a kidneycomplaint

Perhaps because of that the motorcycle-virus never catched my father but it skipped a generation to get to me!

I was a biker already, but it is because of this picture that I became interested in vintage motorcycles and in my quest for the brand and model a whole new world of forgotten brands in the unknown subculture of the hobby of motorcycling opened up for me. I bought my first classic motorbike, but after tinkering on a lot of those motorbikes I bought my first vintage scooter in 2008, and from that day on I was sold.... I still love classic motorbikes and cars, but I have a softspot for all those scooters from the 50's and 60's.... An extra bonus to me is that, although the form of transport is the same, there are no two brands alike. Take a look at a Vespa, a Heinkel, a Lohner, an NSU, a Salsbury, Kroboth or Bastert, etc and they are all different.... I love them all...!